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Wonder booth photo booth hire is always keen on helping you get the most out of your events. We have a photo booth for hire in Johannesburg no matter what your event theme is, or it's size. We offer three pricing packages in order to cater for different budgets which are still affordable compared to competitor prices in Johannesburg and Pretoria. photobooth packages and their respective features are as follows:

Standard Photo Booth for Hire Package

Our cheapest and most economical photo booth for hire starts from only R1650 in Johannesburg & Pretoria with the standard package. This package features unlimited sessions, generic print-outs, and social media sharing if your venue has wifi. A photobooth operator is also standard across all packages including this package. This package is perfect if you are just looking for a photo booth for hire that keep your guests busy and not necessarily customized to your needs. The print-outs will only have pictures, generic wedding/birthday template chosen by us, and our website at the top. If this sounds like the best photobooth for hire package for you, head back to our contact page to secure your booking.

Themed Photo Booth For Hire Package

This mid-range photobooth for hire package features some nice extras as opposed to the standard package. Prices range from R2200 in Johannesburg & Pretoria and features customized print-template that has your message or logo on it. Your also get free animated GIFs/boomerangs (unbranded) with the ability to share on social media using our own WiFi. This is the best photo booth for hire package if you want a customized experience without spending too much on other extras. Our prices are also the most affordable to date without compromising on quality.

VIP Photo Booth For Hire Package

This is our top-tier and most exclusive photo booth hire Centurion package with all standard and themed package feature, with some exciting addons. The animated GIFs/Boomerangs are customized in this package just as much as your print-template.These Gifs can be shared instantly from our photo booth using our own internet connection. This is a really cool feature if you are trying to drive social media traffic to a particular hashtag. Your can ask your guests to post the Gifs and put a hashtag of your on the posts. Just by typing the hashtag on the search box, you will be able to find all those pictures from the photo booth that were posted to your hashtag. You also get a free guestbook where guests can paste a copy of their prints together with their special message to the bride/groom, or to the person who's birthday is being celebrated on the day From R3200 in Johannesburg & Pretoria, this photo booth for hire package is a bit pricey but for the features you receive, it is still very affordable as opposed to competitor prices.

Get in touch with us to reserve your photobooth by filing in the contact form on our pricing page and we will respond via e-mail. You may also contact us via WhatsApp on the number, 0625912162. We guarantee that you will have the greatest photobooth experience with our photo booths for hire.