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Green Screen Photo Booth Hire in Johannesburg & Pretoria - Greenscreen rental

At the point when you're searching for a green screen photo booth for your wedding, birthday, or corporate event in Johannesburg, or Pretoria, you will come across a lot of various sorts of photo booths. In this article, we plan to clarify in detail what a green screen photo booth experience is. 

In straightforward terms, it is fundamentally the same as a conventional booth with a computerized curve. A green screen permits your visitors to pick multiple backgrounds for their photographs without having to change the actual backdrop

greenscreen photobooth at tommy's 50th

Your creative mind is your lone constraint. Green Screens Are amazing

A greenscreen photo booth replaces the actual backdrop with a computerized picture. This implies basically you can have any background you can consider. However long you own the rights or have authorization to utilize the pictures. It is imperative to recall copyright becomes an integral factor here, we do anyway have huge loads of our own pictures which you can use as your backgrounds.

While picking a photo booth company in Johannesburg, or Pretoria, its very much important to inquire as to whether they able to  provide their own digital backgrounds for your greenscreen photo booth. 

As your picture (background) is computerized it implies you can fuse little additional items which can customize or mark your photographs. 

Logos/watermarks – can be added to backgrounds which thus will be on each computerized picture. 

Customized messages – can be joined into the plan to make that unique individual realize you went the additional mile. 

Channels/final details – be cautious with this one, except if you or the organization is talented in photography department. All things considered even basic changes like changing the picture to high contrast or obscuring the picture can definitely change the vibe.

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The Pros And Cons of Hiring a green screen photo booth.

A guest enjoying with multiple green screen backgrounds that are digitally inserted by our greenscreen photo booth. We provide green screen photo booth hire for weddings in Gauteng.

The Green Screen photo booth is definitely the most advanced feature in modern photo booths, but it is not 100% perfect all the time. Below is the summary of the pros and cons of Green Screen technology:


*Enables your guests to select a different background with every photo taken.

*Can be fully customized with logos, watermarks, filters, custom messages and other minor details

*You may have a specific theme for your event that you would like reflected on your pictures as well. The Green Screen photo booth makes that possible and we have had a lot of requests from clients looking to have a themed experience. Be it 007, Spider-Man, Christmas, Black-Jack, you name it, we can do it for you.  

*Some photo booth rental companies, like Wonder Booth, are able to also do Green Screen Boomerangs and Gifs.


*Unlike a conventional photo booth, Green Screen Requires a fair and consistent amount of lighting for the best results. Therefore, if the venue has a lot of uneven lights flashing around, it will have a direct impact on how the final image will look like. It would be best to relocate the photo booth in that instance.

*The Green Screen is removes the color green(as the backdrop is green) and replaces it with a backdrop of your choice. What happens if you are wearing a color that closely matches the Green Screen? You will be invisible on that part of your body that has the green color and have artifacts from the digital backdrop.

*As all these things are done by a computer, computers are bound to have some inaccuracies. Your guests might need to retake some of their photos to to uneven color, lighting, invisibility, or other artifacts. A retake may not necessarily eliminate all these issues but it is definitely worth knowing.

Open-Air  Setup
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We offer studio style open-air setups in Johannesburg, and Pretoria, that are very effective in removing the green screen compared to the companies. Check out our pricing page to get information on which packages includes a Green Screen Setup.
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