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Cheap Photo Booths With Affordable Rental Packages

Photo booths can cost as high as R3000 for just 2 hours of hire in South Africa nowadays. This increasing cost of living in the country which also affects the price of supplies required to provide affordable or cheap photo booth rentals to consumers. Most companies like ourselves use special paper and ink that now costs as much as 45% more than the same time last year. This is then now reflected in your invoice as well. This can be said with most of the electronics we use in our photo booths as well

Wonder Booth has come with a lot of solutions to try and cut down some of the costs to bring back affordability to our clients. We have introduced a new way to charge different types of consumers with different types of photo booth needs. We have introduced 3 photo booth rental packages instead of charging everyone the same way for extra things they do not event require.

Our Photo Booth Rental Packages(From Cheap to Pricey)

1. The Standard Photo Booth Rental Package - This is the cheapest package on offer with prices from as low as R1650.00 for a two-hour photo booth rental service. Your images will not have a customized design but rather a generic one. Printing is however available at 1 print per session. This means that your guests cannot have multiple copies of the same photo, they will be able to do multiple sessions however.

2. The Themed Photo Booth Rental Package - Provides customization features that are not included in the Standard Package at a relatively affordable price compared to our competitors. You can brand your print-out, gifs, boomerangs, or send us the artwork/design requirements and we will do the designs in-house.

3. The VIP Photo Booth Rental Package - Our most expensive package for the high-paying client. This features all the Themed package features with some exciting touches to give you an amazing VIP photo booth experience. You will get self-adhesive fridge magnets, as well as a guestbook where your guests can stick their photos with a dedicated message for the bride, groom, or birthday girl/boy.

Let your guests have digital copies instead of hard ones

As mentioned earlier, the cost per print has since become very high and the burden is being felt by the consumer. So deciding not to have your photos printed out and rather provide branded digital copies to your clients, you can save as much as 35% in photo booth rental costs making your photo booth hire very cheap and affordable. The size and quality of the digital images will also be very high allowing your guests to print it for themselves should they wish to.

Apart from still images, Animated GIFS and Boomerangs can be fun for your guests. These short repetitive videos are sized at 720x720px(Square) to make it easier to post on Instagram and other social media apps without being cropped or enlarged. 

Limit the number of prints when asking for a quote to make your Photo Booth Cheaper

Do you have a certain number of attendees coming to your event? Let us know and we will only supply the limited number of prints as per your information. For instance, if your function will have a photo booth at the entrance to capture 35 guests, we will supply 35 prints. The photo booth will then be of no use once all the guests have come in and we an leave earlier, that can save you a lot of money